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I think My game might be glitched, I shot at a monster like 5 times and It's health stayed the same. Also I reopened the game and I didn't start at level 2 and lost all my items. is this a glitch or was I supposed to do something?

Hello! Could you give me more information? What monster was it, at what level? The game works just fine for me and also for other people, what browser are you using?

As for the level, if you update the page, the game won't save your status. You can only restart the level with all your items if you die ingame, was that your case?

Thank you for playing!

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It was at level two And the fleshy monster. And thank you! Also I'm using google


Really good pixel art. It was a good game, but I feel like somethings could be changed. Like I mostly didn't even have to eat or drink. I only used items for health.  Also enemies health bar system was kinda weird. Like I didn't know if it was by color or by length, because it had half a bar left and it died in one shot. But this is a demo so it's not that big of a deal. Either way it's a fun and a great  game. :)


Thank you for your feedback and for playing the game! 

Indeed there are so many things to improve, I didn't had much time left to continue the project but I'm glad you found it interesting 🙂, maybe in the future I can keep working on it. 🙌